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This section will accumulate technical notes, as well as other useful information for IT managers, DBA and sysadmins. All articles can be classified as: help or reference information, notes on exact tasks execution - something like techical blog, techical articles, articles on IT-management. All useful we what to share with you.

All published materials are representing CoMinder specialists vision, which is based on many years of experience, but may be not 100% correct. Your task is to get maximum usefull information form it, understand and check, propose better solution.
Comments, re-posting (with reference to original) are welcome!

"Shrinking the database - all you need to know to keep your database size smaller"(pdf)
- our expert presentation at Harmony 2017 conference.
"Middleware upgrade to FMW 12c. Real Case stories." (pdf)(en)
- our expert presentation at LVOUG Meetup #15 (21.01.2016)
"WebLogic Scripting basics" (pdf)
- our expert presentation at LVOUG Meetup #11 (24.07.2014)
"Oracle DBA Utils - must have, must know goodies from Oracle and independent experts - part 1" (pdf)
- our expert presentation at LVOUG Meetup #7 (17.06.2013)
"Some Steps to Space Control"
- article in UKOUG magazine Oracle Scene, Issue 48 (2012, October)
The Focus Points of IT management
IT infrastructure management can be simple for small IT infrastructure and complex for big one. But it is also possible to see when it is too complicated even for small, and there are cases when it is simple, transparent and relatively not expensive for big systems. How it is possible?
In this article author will show it's vision of key focus points of good IT management.
IT System Maintenance Checklist
After discussed "The Focus Points of IT management" this article will focus on items, that IT manager and/or DBA must be sure about in daily maintenance. Here we will collect the list of mandatory things to implement as well as other recommended, that can improve regular maintenance of your IT System and make life of IT experts less stressed and service more reliable.
"Space Control - how to stop loosing space and time, and become living." (pdf)
- presentation at OUG Harmony 2012 conference (30-31.05.2012)

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