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Saites uz Oracle DBA un citiem IT-administratoriem noderīgiem instrumentiem. (v1)
This is very useful script to download Oracle patches directly from MOS to your Linux server without browser. Script was written and published in 2013 by Maris Elsins - DBA from Latvia, working for Pythian company.

Description can be found in post by Maris: – Downloading Patches From My Oracle Support.

Download link is in the post or here.

getMOSPatch V2
Improved version of script by Maris Elsins to download patches from My Oracle Support without visiting portal with browser.
Originally published in July 7, 2016 and have several updates up to now.

Check description of V2 in post by Maris: The getMOSPatch V2 Is Here!.
UPD. if link above is not available at the moment, You can check latest update at

The new home for getMOSPatch is on GitHub:

Detailed instructions are here.
Make note: this version require Java!

CoMinder SpaceStat
CoMinder SpaceStat is used to prevent disk space related problems.

Idea is quite simple:
- schedule to make snapshots of database segments and files size information;
- run reports to see changes for any period between 2 snapshots;
- analyse reports information to find anomalies (untypical growth) or who is using the most space. Note:future versions anounced to have some automation for this!
- purge obsolete data, shrink the database.

Check more details and download from SpaceStat product page.

Oracle OSWatcher

Oracle OSWatcher Black Box (OSWbb) collects and archives operating system and network metrics that you can use to diagnose performance issues. OSWbb operates as a set of background processes on the server and gathers data on a regular basis, invoking such Unix utilities as vmstat, netstat, iostat, and top.

From release v4.0.0, you can use the OSWbba analyzer to provide information on system slowdowns, system hangs and other performance problems, and also to graph data collected from iostat, netstat, and vmstat.

* Oracle® Linux Administrator's Solutions Guide for Release 6
* Download and install instructions in My Oracle Support Article "OSWatcher Black Box (Includes: [Video]) [ID 301137.1]"

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